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GALINA EGOROVA - folk singer, People's Artist of Russia.
GALINA EGOROVA was born in the village of Krugloe, a very picturesque outlaying place of the Don region famous for its beautiful folk songs. She graduated from the Gnesin Academy of music of solo folk singing class led by the professor, People's artist of the USSR N.K.Meshko and in 1984-1985 she worked as an The teacher-assistant at the same academy. Prize winner of the III All-Russian Competition of Folk Song Performers (1985) and International Competition of Folklore Performers (1990).
Starting from the very first appearance on the concert stage Galina Egorova was distinguished as a bright creative folk individuality who has achieved a matchless genuine style of interpretation added with an original and diverse repertoire including authentic folklore, Russian epics, lamentation songs, chastooshkas up to lyrical romances of 18-19 centuries and songs in a folk style written by Soviet composers within '3Os-8Os as well as contemporary chamber vocal pieces. A part from it the singer created three solo CDs released by "Firma Melodiya", the CD "Give Me A Shawl As A Keep-sake" containing the songs the '30s-'60s and she was also filmed in video-clips to feature these songs.
In 1994 Galina Egorova was awarded the honorary title of the Honoured Artist of Russia. In Tchaikovsky Concert Hall outstandingly acclaimed were her recitals "Let My Songs Be More Burning Than A Flame" (1995), "Give Me with A Shawl As A Keep-sake" (1995-2000), "Favourite songs of Russia"), "For the Victory" (2003-2004) with the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra . The following CDs of the singer of a steel of "Zabavushki"("Jokes"), "For the Victory", "Songs of the Don Cossacks", "Favourite songs of Russia" (1-3 vol.,2000-2008).
Galina Egorova appeared with her recitals in over 28 countries which brought rousing cheers from the audience fascinated with her artistry. The singer's tours of 1998, 2004 in 50 cities of Japan was a great success. "Her charm, crystal-clear purity of her voice and natural melody of her songs have captured the public" - wrote Japanese newspapers. Tours of the singer also have passed with success in many cities and regions of the Russian Federation – from the South of Russia to Siberia, the Far East, Yakutia, republics of the former USSR - Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia. In 2005 Galina Egorova with its quartet «Russian music» represented musical art of Russia to DPR Korea, in 2006 - in the Tunisian republic, in 2007 – in the Egypt.
In 2008 the singer has been awarded Honorary title of the People's Artist of Russia.
CDs of the singer are stored in a library of the International space station.
Galina Egorova's activity on folk music propagation is noted by the certificate of honour of a name of Gagarin of the Center of preparation of cosmonauts, the certificate of honour of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

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